10 Classic Cars That Require Very Little Maintenance

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If you consider yourself a true gearhead, you must own a classic car in your life. It is apparent that these vehicles are the most fun to work on or even just show off to your pals. Yet, the primary concern with going down this avenue is that these type of vehicles sometimes need a lot of repairs. This is not ideal, as the costs for these can end up adding rapidly.

This article will help you if you are aiming to avoid this though, as we will be going over 10 classic cars that require little maintenance. They will be coming from many different brands, as this will effectively show just how many stellar options you have. Overall, now is the right time to get a classic, so these are the ones to consider.

Let’s get this show on the road!

10 1968 Ford Mustang

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If you are on the hunt for a classic Mustang, the 1968 release could be a wonderful option. This is due to the fact that it not only has excellent ride quality and a ton of toughness, but it also is cheap to maintain. This is not the case with all the cars from this series, especially special editions. Thus, there is no harm going with a model that offers a lot of the same qualities. In fact, we would honestly encourage this release over many of the others.

9 1974 Chevrolet Nova

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Although it may not be a Camaro or Corvette, the 1974 Chevrolet Nova is still a fantastic vehicle to collect at this point in time. This is a fair statement to make, as this vehicle is immensely fast, while also being stellar with its handling. When it comes to repairs, it is not as expensive as one would assume, as a lot of its parts are still able to be found for pretty low rates. Thus, there is no actual harm giving this vehicle a try right now.

8 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass

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Cars like the 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass show exactly why we miss this manufacturer to a massive degree. This is a car that would end up mixing reliability and overall toughness perfectly. It certainly is one that also possesses a smooth ride, so its driving experience is great too. Yet, even with all of this being so, one can find this vehicle for cheap prices. Due to how strong its structure is, it is not really in need of repairs much at all.

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7 1964 Pontiac GTO

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The 1964 Pontiac GTO is considered to be one of the greatest cars to ever come from this brand. Thus, it surely is a classic that would be worth investing in at this present time. With its sick style and wonderful performance, it surely is a vehicle that honestly is just extremely fun. However, what may come as a surprise is that you do not have to spend much money at all repairing it. Thus, it is the ideal classic to buy.

6 1970 Plymouth Barracuda

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The 1970 Plymouth Barracuda is a very intriguing car in history. Many consider it to be one of the best muscle cars of its time, so naturally, it does have a massive following from gearheads. However, even with this being the case, we must note that repairing it is also cheap. This truly makes it the best of both worlds. To be entirely honest, it is hard to actually come up with a reason as to why you wouldn’t want to add this to your collection.

5 1973 Cadillac Eldorado

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Cadillac is a top of the line brand, especially when looking at their old cars. The 1973 Eldorado could be one of the biggest steals from their classic vehicles. This is due to the fact that it can be found for very cheap, while also being easy to maintain. This vehicle is one that has a high degree of class, while also being able to drive remarkably even after all of these years. Thus, we are big fans of this classic to this very day, so we see it as a cool car to at least consider right now.

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4 1954 Jeep CJ-5

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The 1954 Jeep CJ-5 is absolutely a vehicle that would be awesome to own right now. Even with them being so old, it is clear that they still can do quite well when put to work or driven off-road. In fact, this is the type of vehicle that would allow this manufacturer to become such a powerhouse in sales. Overall, you definitely would be wise adding this to your collection, as it is easy to maintain.

3 1969 Dodge Charger

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The 1969 Dodge Charger definitely was an important car for the brand, as it would play a role in this series becoming popular. This is why we still see these vehicles on the market at this present time too. This car is one that has such a high level of toughness, while also being very fast for its time period. If you are a fan of Dodge, this honestly could be the top model for you to go with. It not only runs amazingly, but it is not expensive to maintain either, so there is no real risk.

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2 1969 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

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The 1969 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia is such a beautiful looking classic car. They can be found for cheap today, which honestly is quite the steal. It should be noted that these cars are very fast too, so there is a level of entertainment with them as well. This is a classic that genuinely would be worth every penny, as it is built tough, while also being very strong with its structure to match.

1 1976 Triumph TR6

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The 1976 Triumph TR6 is a very cool classic that is worth investing in today. Thankfully its parts are cheap to replace if needed, so it is not expensive to work on. We also must note that this model is one that has a high level of overall luxury, so it is comfortable too. Although a lot of people may have forgotten about this car, we definitely see it as one of the best vintage vehicles you could go with right now.

Sources: edmunds.com, autowise.com, jalopnik.com

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10 Classic Cars That Are One Of A Kind

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