388 Bond Minicar Mk.B (1951) EX 7285

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388 Bond Minicar Mk.B (1951) EX 7285

Bond Minicar Mk.B (1951-52) Engine 197cc Villiers 6E single two-stroke
Production 1414
Registration Number EX 7285 (Great Yaremouth)
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The Bond Minicar was built in its various forms by Sharps Commercials Ltd., renamed Bond Cars Ltd. based in Preston, between 1949-66. The basic concept for the minicar was derived from a prototype built by Lawrence "Lawrie" Bond, who had worked as an aeronautical designer for the Blackburn Aircraft Company. Sharp’s Commercials was a company contracted by the Ministry of Supply to rebuild military vehicles, immeadiatly post war and seeing their military contracts were coming to a close, Bond approached the Managing Director of Sharp’s, Lt. Col. Charles Reginald ‘Reg’ Gray, and the two reached an amenable agreement for the manufacture of the Minicar.

These small cars now known as Microcars were extremely popular in the 1950s and into the 60s, though they evolved considerably, as a cheap mode of transport for the masses. The cars were bodies were handmade of aluminium to a design by Lawrie Bond. Power comes from a single cylinder Villiers motorcycle engine, mounted on the front wheel. Weighing only 420lbs it is suprisingly nippy and withn a following wind will reach 50mph.Bonds were advertised as the Worlds most economical car with claims of 100mpg, however no present owner has ever enjoyed this much economy, this one however will do 80mpg if we are lucky. Contrary to popular opion no Bond ever had to be kickstarted by climbing under the bonnet. All Bonds had either a hand pull starter (connected to a kickstart) on early models as this example has, or an electric Dynastart unit mounted on the engine crackshaft on later models. The kickstart remained for emergencies. Bond made an electric start converter for the early cars , as fitted here, a standard Lucas starter motor connected via pulley to the crankshaft using an idler pulley. In their day they were used widely, and not just as runabouts, it is recorded that a gentleman by the name of Claude Tipper took his around Italy into Eastern Europe and back by way of Norway (with his wife as passenger). Today (2017) they are extremely rare, of the 1400 or so Type Bs manufactured, only 8 are known to exist Worldwide .

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Shot 30.04.2017 at Catton Hall Car Show REF 125-388

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