1. Een elektrische DAF 600 in Amerika. Zeer bijzonder. Als ik het goed begrepen heb is hij al begin jaren zestig omgebouwd tot elektrische auto.

  2. @BenjaminNelson Funny you should mention it Ben, but the "Open ReVolt" or "Coogar" controller is actualy the controller I am using for my electric Trabant P601, (see my videos) 🙂
    I think it is a great versitile, safe and cheap controller. I am glad Paul put so much work in developing it.

  3. @Sohave
    You are correct. The way electric vehicles are typically done now is with higher voltage systems. You can use thinner battery cables and get higher speeds. The only real downside is that higher voltage components tend to cost more. The "Open ReVolt" controller is one way to help get around the costs of a higher voltage vehicle.

  4. @BenjaminNelson Cool so it has a lot of amp hours and a long range! I herd somwere that the eficiency increases with the voltage so it should be more efficient just to arrange for voltage and keep your feet less on the accelerator, but perhaps i am wrong. dont misunderstand me anyone i still think this Electrified DAF is cool.

  5. @Sohave
    That's the funny thing, it DOES have a big battery pack. I think there were 24 batteries in there, it's just that it's all arranged into a 48V system. I think it's a 550 amp Curtis controller in there. Once it gets going, the car really goes!

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