Bugatti EB110 Super Sport – 1994

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Bugatti EB110 Super Sport - 1994

Chassis n° ZA9BB02E0RCD39012

RM Sotheby’s
Place Vauban
Parijs – Paris
Frankrijk – France
February 2019

Estimated : € 1.300.000 – 1.800.000
Sold for € 2.030.000


Although the storied manufacturer remained dormant since 1952, Italian Ferrari dealer Romano Artioli believed that he could return Bugatti to its former glory through the construction of a new supercar. Artioli established Bugatti Automobili SpA in October 1987 and broke ground on a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility the following year in Campogalliano, Italy. It was an ambitious plan, but Artioli was well prepared for such an undertaking, and there was no doubt that this new Bugatti would be nothing short of sensational.

Artioli and his crack team of engineers and designers slaved away for four years to create a car worthy of the fabled Bugatti name. Their creation was finally unveiled to the world on 15 September 1991 in Paris. In celebration of Ettore Bugatti’s 110th birthday that same day, the car was appropriately named the EB110.

As the EB110 boasted a 3.5-litre V-12 fitted with five valves per cylinder and four turbochargers, it was well equipped to take the fight to the supercar establishment and win. It certainly did not disappoint in terms of looks, thanks to angular and aggressive styling penned by Giampalo Bendini and Marcello Gandini. Inside, the cabin was swathed in leather, which beautifully contrasted with its wood trim, or carbon fibre when in Super Sport trim.


Looking to further increase performance, Bugatti announced the EB110 SS at the Geneva Salon in 1992, six months after the launch of the EB110 GT. Through fitting a new ECU, along with larger injectors and a less restrictive exhaust system, horsepower was increased by 60 bhp to 610 bhp. Bugatti was also able to reduce overall weight by over 150 kg through replacing some aluminium panels with carbon Kevlar panels bonded to the chassis, tipping the scales at 1,400 kg.

Thanks to these upgrades, the EB110 SS boasted a 0–100 km/h time of 3.26 seconds, leading to an official top speed of 355 km/h. No other car of its period, neither the Ferrari F50 nor the Porsche GT1, matched its performance or driving capabilities. Rarer than the McLaren F1, the EB110 SS boasted highly similar performance figures. It even made a striking appearance at the 1994 24 Hours of Le Mans, the first Bugatti at the famed endurance race in 55 years. Positioned in the GT1 category, the EB110 SS was the fastest in qualifier in its class.


This Super Sport was first delivered to a Mrs Muller in Germany in 1994, as detailed on the original factory warranty card, confirming that this EB110 SS was delivered with a silver-grey exterior and black leather interior on 23rd March 1994, via Auto Konig. After spending some time in Japan with other important supercars, this EB110 SS made its way to Switzerland in 2012 and has now covered just 916 km from new. With such low mileage under its belt, equal to just 25 miles per year, it is as close to a ‘new’ EB110 SS as it is possible to get. Despite its low mileage, this EB110 SS has been used sparingly but regularly and has been well cared for. Accompanying the car is a range of documentation, including original books and road test reports, highlighting the phenomenal performance and usability of the EB110 SS and the superiority of its performance compared to most of its contemporaries.

The EB 110, representing a unique segment in the fabled marque’s history, was one of the most desirable supercars of the 1990s, and it holds a dear place in the hearts of many enthusiasts. With only 30 production Super Sports produced, they remain the most desirable iterations of the model. Finding one in exceptional, all-original condition and with such limited mileage is truly a rare and unique occasion.

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