Classic cars and vintage Formula 1 photos, at Zandvoorts Museum

For drivers that are driving in the city, to the win of Niki Lauda in 1985, a: city centre, on the 3rd of may will return to the Formula 1 calendar, but it is a place full of racehistorie and memories. The Zandvoorts Museum of diving will soon be available in sporting heritage, using photography, film, and collectibles.

In the exhibition Magic Moments visitors will be taken into account due to the racing heritage of the City. The stratenraces in 1939, is the official opening of the track in 1948, and the first and second place in 1952, everything is laid out on the screen. The newly revamped track will be highlighted.

the Director of the Hilly Jones, begins with a series of photographs from the sixties and seventies when the cars, in the streets of amsterdam to be seen. At this time, the arm still baking right through the village and into the car ride. “It is now inconceivable,” says the director of the museum. “Everything is tight, secure, and you will not be in the same area.”

in the Past there was some quiet and a cigarette being smoked as a racetank and clean. The photographers were able to follow the side of the track at the top of the action. “I can’t compare it to the world,” says Jones. “Even for the most seasoned of F1, trying to make that kind of thing is still funny to pass by and see them.”

the Collections of race fans
for The Zandvoorts Museum has benefited a lot from these fans. As with the collection of freaks at the Dutch Grand Prix there was. He was not only the pictures, but it was also signed by rivals Niki Lauda and James Hunt. In a display case, rare, stickers, and pins, in addition to a bag drop, which is but a short time to be available. In the name of ” Stranded in the Verstappertjes was in 1997, not exactly measured out by Jos Verstappen.

Later on in the exhibit space are the classic pedal go karting at a stage to shine. Used to be a children’s toy, now an expensive collectors ‘ items. In the next room is a glass display case is decorated with many historic modelwagentjes. All racetypes that have something to do with the history of amsterdam, which includes models of those demonstrations were, in 1939.

the room full of legendary moments, you can see how the Thai prince Bira, the title is from 1948, and at the bottom.

the Roaring sound

There is so much to see and read the Magic Moments, as well as in the area of legendary times at the track. But the sound in the world is at least as important. Therefore, there is a separate laundry room with a film showing the highlights of the Grand Prix from 1948 to 1985. The roaring engines sound through a dedicated surround sound system, with a projection of 6.5 metres in width.

On the first floor, all the winners are in the netherlands again, and again, with images, to make the story complete. On the wall along the stairs will be racelegendes as Jim Clark to be honoured. “He took most of the titles in the netherlands to his name,” says Johnson. “Just about him, you can create a display.”

“We’re in a bit of a luxury”, explains the director of the museum, with a smile to. “I might not have anything to hang up what I have on loan to me.”

the Magic Moments, it was originally to open on a Friday, the 13th of march, but because of the new measures in and around the corona virus, is that the date is postponed.

“We have to follow the national guidelines, which is to say that the museums are close, please let the museum know about it. “We have to keep everyone in the loop on developments via email, facebook, and the website of the Zandvoorts Museum and hope to see you soon again.”

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