De Tomaso Pantera – Classic Car Sound [V8 startup ,Notes +Action]

de tomaso pantera classic car so
de tomaso pantera classic car so
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Hi guys! I have recorded the sound De Tomaso Pantera classic supercar powered by Ford V8 cleveland 351 engine (5.8L) with 600 horsepower !! You can hear the V8 Start-Up Engine and exhaust notes in the box at 0:26 and the sound track 02:40 with lovely downshifts and flybys. this is one of the best Italian supercars of 70s .
A small potted history .. is that Ford USA reached an agreement with Italian car maker De Tomaso and to create an automobile to compete with the Chevrolet Corvette. this car debuted at Monza in 1970.

En este video podras escuchar el rujido de este superdeportivo italiano de carreras de los años 70. Se trata del De tomaso Pantera GT4 de 1972 con Motor Ford V8 351 cleveland (5.8L) con 600 cv de potencia!! 0:26 sonido del escape en el box y 02:40 accion en la pista.
Vortrom Team – Lluis Villalba

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  1. The Mangusta was succeeded by the Pantera. It appeared in 1971 with a 351 Cleveland Ford V8 and a low, wedge-shaped body designed by Ghia's Tom Tjaarda.[10] Through an agreement with Ford, De Tomaso sold Panteras in the USA through Ford's Lincoln and Mercury dealers. Between 1971 and 1973, 6,128 Panteras were produced in Modena, the largest number of a single marque of De Tomaso produced. The 1973 oil crisis and other factors compelled Ford to pull out of the Pantera deal at the end of 1973.

    During the late 1970s and 1980s Pantera production continued at a greatly reduced scale of less than 100 cars per year. From then on, the cars were largely hand-built.

    Incorporating a Marcello Gandini facelift, suspension redesign, partial chassis redesign and a new, smaller Ford engine, the Pantera 90 Si model was introduced in 1990. Only 38 90 Si models were sold before the Pantera was finally phased out in 1993 to make way for the radical, carbon-fibre-bodied Guarà.

  2. ohhh yeahhh!!! I think that Elvis Presley had a De tomaso pantera…
    awesome muscle

  3. Tremendo como suena. Una pregunta. Que cámara usas?? Tienen una calidad buenisima tus videos

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