James Ruppert: Sports cars don’t have to be small

James Ruppert Sports cars dont have to be small
James Ruppert Sports cars dont have to be small
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Anyway, by close of play, I had learned that the Toyota MR2 was under consideration – and at that point, you begin to wonder what a ‘big bloke’ will actually fit into. I love the MR2 as well and have very-first-hand experience of one. With £12,000, you can get a 1992 example with a turbocharger, a bodykit and big fat rear wing.

The thing is that buying a used car is never a straightforward or easy business, and it goes in all sorts of exciting directions. Most of all, as we’ve seen today, buying used cars is good fun. Thanks, Dave.

What we almost bought this week

Range Rover Sport: The potential for enormous bills is enough to put most people off anything, and that’s partly why you can buy an early Range Rover Sport for less than £6000 today. The supercharged V8 is a flier and suffers far fewer issues than the diesels. And this 2006 example was registered before the VED rules changed, so you’ll pay less in annual running costs.

Tales from Ruppert’s garage

Land Rover Series 3, mileage – 131,663: I’ve gone on about the Lorry a lot recently, but that’s because I’m using it a colossal amount. There’s a section of road I travel on every single day that doesn’t have centre demarcations, but I know it well enough to realise that a builder’s Ford Transit pick-up isn’t wide enough to trouble a Series 3 Land Rover. Well, maybe there was something in the back of the Transit, because there was a hell of wallop as I drove past. The right door mirror flew up in the air, landed on the base of the windscreen then fell off. There’s a job to be done to make it roadworthy for Monday.

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