Lazze Metal Shaping: The Cleco and One of its Many Uses

lazze metal shaping the cleco an
lazze metal shaping the cleco an
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In this video, metal shaping instructor Lazze shows one way he uses Cleco fasteners. A Cleco is to temporarily hold multiple sheets of material together before they are permanently joined.

Lazze teaches metal shaping and manufactures his metalshaping tools in California.

For more information on Lazze’s books, Lazze’s metal shaping tools, DVD’s, and hands on classes as his facility in California, visit http://www.lazzemetalshapin¬≠
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  1. I've been using the bridging clip idea for the Cleco's for many years now (probably a few decades) They are a good idea!
    Yes, the Cleco's are only any good when the panel is in it's final shape, as you mentioned, the holes will move if you have to re-shape a panel.

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