Léon Bollée Tricar Voiturette 1898

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Léon Bollée Tricar Voiturette 1898

Manufacturer: Léon Bollée Société des Voiturettes Automobiles, Le Mans – France
Type: Voiturette
Engine: 882cc single-cylinder water-cooled
Power: 3 bhp / 800 rpm
Speed: 43 km/h
Production time: 1896 – 1898
Production outlet: several hundred
Curb weight: 200 kg

– It was the first automobile ever with the name "Voiturette" and became a "standard name" for a French "small automotive vehicle" used by many facturers.
– The cars were actually produced by Hurtu & Diligeon, in Albert, Somme, France. Only the prototypes were made at the Le Mans factory.
– With a similar car Leon Bollee drove LeMans-Paris in 7 hours, which corresponds to an average speed of 30 km/h.
– The driver sat astride the back seat, controlling the front wheels with the lever on the right (arm and link steering) from the unsprung tubular frame.
– While steering with his right hand, his left operated a versatile lever that changed gears, applied the brake or engaged the driving belt.
– The four-stroke water-cooled and horizontal engine has platinum semi-hot-tube ignition, a belt final-drive transmission (rear wheel) and a tensioning roller, which acted as a clutch and a belt final-drive transmission (rear wheel).
– When the belt’s rear wheel slides backward it puts tension on the belt, thus acting as the clutch, and when it slides forward, it jams the back wheel against the brake block.
– The Bollées Tricars were very popular in their day since they were quite simple, reliable and relatively less expensive than a full-size car.
– Léon himself was a pioneer of the gasoline engine, developing lightweight gas powered vehicles when he was still relatively young.
– Nor more than a handful are known to exist.

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