Magnificent Cars Spotted Around El Paso at Car Meets Over Weekend

Magnificent Cars Spotted Around El Paso at Car Meets Over
Magnificent Cars Spotted Around El Paso at Car Meets Over
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Seems like car enthusiasts in El Paso have been able to scope out the coolest rides around town. There have been car meets taking place around El Paso on Sundays. If you see a bunch of sporty cars consuming the majority of a huge parking lot is because they’re discussing the car business.

But for people who drive by the car meet have the luxury of checking out some eye candy. Not only do adults enjoy scoping out some fast rides but kids do as well. When kids see fast cars roll by they pretty much gawk at them and make some sort of remark about it.

But you got to admit though the cars that pull up for a car meet are quite lovely to stare at. But usually, the best part about a sports car is where the engine lies. The engine of a car shows exactly how much power is hiding under the hood.

The car meets always change it up when it comes to picking a certain location to meet at. They’ve met up on the Westside near Spec’s off of Sunland Park. Just this past Sunday, the car meet was held on the Eastside of town near Suck It Daquiris.

But every weekend just depends on where the car meet is you will spot a large group of magnificent cars parked at a large lot of open space. The car meet welcomes guests to see how much power is under the hood but also ask you to follow safety guidelines.

In fact, a chick I am proud to call a close friend, Cass D showed a little teaser from a previous car meet. The cars she got pictures and videos of are the sports cars a man would do a double-take for. If you love the sound of how an engine roars when it goes vroom, then you my friend will be hearing roars galore.

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