Motorsport Guy Who Calls It, Modsport MG Midget, Europa, Davrian Imp // SOUP Classic Motoring 10

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Motorsport Guy Who Calls It, Modsport MG Midget, Europa, Davrian Imp // SOUP Classic Motoring 10

The return to Mondello Park, Ireland’s international racing circuit, after over 20 years! Whilst chasing up the Griffin family story we run into some beautiful historic racing cars and planes, and have a chat with a well known Irish motor racing commentator.

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Steve Griffin & Jason Loughrey / Classic Car Restorations:

All things Lotus:

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  1. It's been eighteen months and I hope Mondello Park is doing well, it reminds me of Goodwood. By the way, your memory is the nuts.

  2. …double figures, episode 10 done and I'm still 10 months behind, fantastic! Loved the aviation content at the end, I learned to fly in the Chipmunk, which was the one with the smoke coming out of it…..either display smoke or a bad oil leak, there's your next series, classic aircraft resto! Now I must fly…..literally

  3. I stumbled across this whilst on and I am delighted. Really interesting, well laid out and presented. Looking forward to more……and bigger things !!

  4. George, Just binged all 10 episodes, great. Where were you 10 years ago, I could've done with your infectious enthusiasm then. Back end of 2016 I started getting my 1970 XJ6 back on the road after 15+ years.

  5. Great episode.
    I'd love to know more about that Steve Griffin's / Liam Plower's MG Midget. Awesome….

  6. The article on Jalopnik is what got me here, but your camera work, story telling, and wrenching skills are what's kept me coming back.

  7. Happy 10th episode as well! On a separate note, you have an unnaturally great memory to be able to recite all of your supporters 🙂

  8. The disassembly just looks amazing they way you present it. Another great episode look forward to many more.

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