One Member of the Rolling Stones Has an Impressive Car Collection, a Tailored Suit to Match Each Car, and No License

One Member of the Rolling Stones Has an Impressive Car
One Member of the Rolling Stones Has an Impressive Car
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No matter what music genre you call your favorite, most cannot argue that the Rolling Stones are one world’s most iconic bands of all time. Rivaling the popularity of the Beatles and Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones were (and still could be) the most successful group. With great success comes mass amounts of wealth. And each member certainly amassed his fair share of expensive homes, amenities, and cars over the years.

One of the band’s legendary members actually collected an impressive selection of wheels, and then had to have matching suits tailored to each car’s upholstery. This might seem a bit eccentric, at the very least, a little over the top. Ironically enough, this particular Rolling Stones bandmate didn’t even have a license to drive.

The Rolling Stones movement 

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The British Rock invasion of the ’60s introduced Americans to some of the legendary Europeans acts of the time. The Rolling Stones, also called The Stones, almost immediately became the ‘bad boy’ band of their decade, when they made their stage introduction in 1962.

Their behavior was wild, their music was entirely unique, and their attitudes were brazen. After successful touring and making music for 50 years and counting, the iconic band has produced 26 studio albums, eight chart-topping singles, and 10 consecutive gold albums.

Original members versus current members

When you think about how quickly today’s musical groups seem to change band members, one might assume that a band with five decades under its belt would have had quite the shift in musicians over the years. But in reality, the group hasn’t altered that much.

Mick Jagger is still lead vocals. Keith Richards continues to lead on guitar, and Charlie Watts is the only man on drums. Over the years, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman, and Ian Stewart also spent some time in the Rolling Stones.

Today, in addition to the three core remaining members, the bass guitar player is a title held by Ron Wood. So, out of all these members, which bandmate was inclined to collect cars and tailor matching suits to those cars?

The Rolling Stones bandmate with a passion for classic cars

Charlie Watts drumming for The Rolling Stones
Charlie Watts playing a show with the Rolling Stones | Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

You might assume that collecting cars and matching suits is something the wild and crazy Mick Jagger would do. But you would be wrong.

Legendary drummer, Charlie Watts, has an estimated net worth of $250 million, plenty of which he allocated to upscale and expensive hobbies. According to HotCars, his garage is full of classic cars, including a Citroen 2CV.

Wait, he doesn’t drive?

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Usually, Charlie Watts is labeled as the stoic member of the Rolling Stones. But in a few interviews over recent years, it’s clear that there are a few things in life that authentically make him happy and all smiles.

At his core, he is a British gentleman, almost always in a suit. Linens and precisely tailored attire, albeit occasionally in a vivid purple or brilliant blue shade, are Watts’ comfort zone.

According to GQ, his other passions include music and cars. Despite his expensive and classic car collection, Watts no longer drives. He doesn’t have a driver’s license and doesn’t seem to mind. Instead, he sits in his cars, stationary and in the garage, listening to the rumbles of the roaring engines under their hoods.

It might sound absurd to spend your millions on cars you can’t drive. But for the legendary drummer Charlie Watts, whose career with the Rolling Stones brought him more adventures and experiences that most could dream of living, sitting idle in a garage might just bring the right amount of peace.

And let’s face it; he’s Charlie Watts. This British gentleman and world-renowned icon behind the drums has certainly earned his right to do as he pleases.

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