Pioneer Day Rolling Car Show Parade Planned For SLC Neighbors

Pioneer Day Rolling Car Show Parade Planned For SLC Neighbors
Pioneer Day Rolling Car Show Parade Planned For SLC Neighbors
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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – The cancellation of the Pioneer Day Parade this Friday turned a lot of family traditions upside down in Utah, but a couple of classic car clubs are coming together to put on a rolling car show in Salt Lake City.

The city does not want large groups gathering out on the street Friday. That’s why the parade was canceled. But, if you live near 300 East In Salt Lake City you’ll see a rolling car show this Friday around noon.

“People really love classics,” said David Pacheco, sitting behind the wheel of his classic car.

Pacheco, one of the organizers for the rolling car show, started building classic cars with his dad when he was a kid. Now, he works on cars with his children.

“There have been a lot of late nights. It isn’t easy building them,” he said.

He rebuilt his 1971 Monte Carlo that roars like a lion under the hood. It even jumps off the street, and pulses down the road when he activates the hydraulic lifters.

He’s excited to show off his ride on Pioneer Day for people who’ve been cooped up inside for too long.

“The thing about classics is that what people see when you’re driving down the street, you get to see their facial expressions and their mouths, and they’re like ‘wow’… People get excited over it,” he said.

“With everything being canceled, why not come together and give people an opportunity to come out and see the cars,” said Jaymes Martinez, a car show organizer.

Unity Car Show Productions and the Taking Over Car Club have already revved up their engines for a half dozen rolling car shows during the pandemic.

“The smiles and the waves that we see from people… It gets the car people excited because when they drive by, they’re honking their horns and the people are screaming and waving,” said Martinez.

Cars will meet at the Century 16 movie theatre parking lot on 3300 South State Street at 11 a.m. Friday.

“We have hot rods, we have classic cars, we have low rider cars,” said Martinez.

At noon, police will escort the rolling car show over to 300 East. They’ll head north to 900 South, then roll east to the north entrance of Liberty Park.

“Still social distance at the same time,” said Martinez.

Fred Mecham and his brother, Lamar, used to work on his 1967 Chevy C 10 together.

“We did all of the work ourselves,” said Mecham. “He passed away about four years ago.”

So, he finished the truck with his son, and his brother’s son. That has given the truck even greater meaning to him.

“We called him Moose,” he said of his brother, Lamar. “So, this is called ‘The Moose is Loose.’”

Mecham often thinks of his brother whenever he’s behind the wheel.

“This is his favorite truck he always wanted to build, and we got the chance to build it together,” said Mecham.

He’s looking forward to driving it in the rolling car show.

“We welcome all. That’s the cool part about it. We don’t care what you drive you’re welcome to come to these rolling car shows,” said Martinez.

The meet up is at noon at the Century 16 theater.

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