Stored For 51 Years This 1953 MG TD Roadster Shows Up For Sale On Craiglist

Stored For 51 Years This 1953 MG TD Roadster Shows
Stored For 51 Years This 1953 MG TD Roadster Shows
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This TD still wears its original paint and boasts zero rust.

1953 MG TD quarter front
Via Craiglist

It has been around 68 years since the quintessential MG TD roadster was last produced. Since then, the only way to acquire a TD classic car was through the second-hand market. But finding a TD with all its original parts and components still intact in seemingly good condition would be a difficult task. Nevertheless, here is a 1953 MG TD that may qualify with the description, thanks to the fact it has been well stored for several decades.

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A TD Still Not Rotting After 68 Years

1953 MG TD quarter rear

Via Craiglist

MG created the TD as it looked to modernize the heavily successful TC. While it still featured the traditional styling of pre-war MGs and the TC, the TD boasted a design that was up to date and more streamlined. This is mainly because the TD was meant to attract more customers in the United States. It was underpinned by a new chassis but borrows the rack-and-pinion steering and independent rear suspension from the MG Y-Type.

The old classic design of the MG TD is easier to appreciate with this certain model, which is currently for sale on Craiglist. According to the listing, this certain TD still wears its original paint and boasts zero rust. This TD does show its age (it is 78 years old) but it is easy to tell that it has been taken care of. As the images on the Craiglist listing show, this classic roadster was driven for a little more than 67,000 miles before it was stored away for good.

A Classic Roadster Waiting To Be Revived

1953 MG TD engine

Via Craiglist

Listing info shows that this 1953 MG TD spent around 51 years on storage. The TD shows no sign of heavy dust buildup that could have ruined its exterior finish. There are various rusty parts, but most of them are found inside. But the rust buildup is still at the point where this classic roadster would need not heavy repair and restoration.

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The green interior may need to be re-upholstered. The buyer may choose to keep the original green upholstery, but that would require some complicated repair. The listing didn’t say if the gauges of this MG TD are still working, but it did say that the dual carburetor engine (OHV 1205cc XPAG mill) still turns freely and should fire up once a battery is installed and the tank is filled up with gas.

Listed on Craiglist For $8,500

1953 MG TD interior

Via Craiglist

Still riding on old Bias ply tires, this 1953 MG TD does come with the original soft top, although its stitching are already coming apart. Featuring a manual transmission and a clean title, this TD is still being sold (as of this writing) at a price of $8,500.

Source: Craiglist

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