Tamiya’s famous ‘Wild One’ model returns as adult-sized go-kart – News

Tamiyas famous Wild One model returns as adult sized go kart
Tamiyas famous Wild One model returns as adult sized go kart
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Recently, we’ve seen a few classic cars turned into adorable little scale models for kids, such as the Bugatti Baby II, which costs more than your average city car. 

The Little Car Company, the ones behind Bugatti-badged creation, recently whipped the covers off its latest project — a life-sized version of Tamiya’s Wild One remote controlled car. 

First released back in 1985, the Wild One was a hit, and quickly gained a cult following. It was then re-released in 2012 due to this popularity, but this latest version is by far the most comprehensive. 

Measuring at 3.5-metres long and 1.8-metres wide, this off-road buggy tips the scales at 250kg, and can seat an occupant that’s between 5ft3 and 6ft5 tall.

Just like the original model, the Wild One MAX will feature a space frame chassis, long-travel coil-over suspension, and massive off-road tyres at the rear. 

Power will come from a 4kW electric motor which drives the rear wheels exclusively. A 0-100km/h time isn’t possible considering it will only do around 44km/h fully pinned. 

Range sits at up to 40km from a full charge, but it gets a regenerative braking system thanks to the hydraulic Brembo discs at each corner that should add to the battery’s storage. 

Three drive modes will be available — Eco, Novice, and Race — and we can imagine that they will control power output, steering, and top speed. 

Arguably the best part of this whole thing is the fact that Tamiya will let customers assemble their Wild One MAX at home, and there will also be a comprehensive upgrade catalogue available. 

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