The Best Muscle Cars And Classic Cars By Buick

the best muscle cars and classic
the best muscle cars and classic
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The Best Muscle Cars And Classic Cars By Buick

This video features The Best Muscle Cars And Classic Cars By Buick. If you wanna see The Best Muscle Cars And Classic Cars By Buick watch this video and hit the like button.
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I love anything to do with classic cars and vintage cars and I own a few classic cars. I regular attend classic car shows in my spare time.


  1. "Star Wars" air cleaner at :35…
    Had 1970 GSX car #125 out of the 678 made in 1970 (Saturn Yellow 455 Stage 1, Turbo 400) from 1980 to 2007…the one in the video looks like a 1971…

  2. These are some good cars but I see that they copied after the chevy, example the Buick GS looks like the chevy chevelle, like the head light on the Buick Riveria

  3. Got me a 65 LeSabre. Not really a muscle car but she's purdy and it has the 455 in is so it gets down the road ok. Need to save some money to make it what I want

  4. Barnum and Bailey called and want their wheels back off that wild cat. I'm suprised there wasn't a clown driving it with those circus wheels on it.

  5. I'm a Buick guy, but some of these examples are not what I'd tout as good ones. Now, they could all benefit from good LS transplants where they could drop a couple hundred pounds while picking up a couple hundred horsepower.

  6. Even your top speed numbers are way off, I had a 70 GS 455 Stage 1 and it would bury the 120 mph speedometer.
    Same way with the 65 Riviera, they had a 140 mph speedometer and if not for the 60’s suspension it would do 125 mph.

  7. You keep posting top speeds for stock motors but none of the cars you keep showing have stock motors….wtf?

  8. I am totally laughing!!! Those souped-up 7 and 7+ liter V8s are awesome! You 'know' they have racing cams in them, to run so rough at idle. The Riviera headlight enclosure thing is the coolest EVER!!!! NO car manufacturer today would attempt this, so it's nice to see this detail in Buick's history. Thank you so much, Car News TV, I really enjoyed this!!!

  9. скоро премьера просмотров и лайков, но это неточно

  10. I have a ’63 Wildcat and it’s all stock. Believe me it doesn’t sound a bit like any of these. Yeah it’s a 4 door hardtop, but she’ll move if I want it to. Nothing like driving a sofa at 90 mph.

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