This $8 million auto-themed property with 10-vehicle garage is a car haven

This 8 million auto themed property with 10 vehicle garage is a
This 8 million auto themed property with 10 vehicle garage is a
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If you’re a car enthusiast who cannot get enough of those four-wheeled machines and you also love to sprawl out in open pools and themed bars, this property in Texas is for you. Mind you, luxury comes with a heavy cost, and this one has a price tag of $8 million. It is currently on sale at Realtor.

Spread out in 10 acres, this ‘auto camp’ houses a 10-car garage, multiple car lifts, a paint application booth, a tyre changer, and an antique memorabilia to get your fast and furious fix. The luxury property is also home to an oversized tiered pool, five bedrooms, five full bathrooms, two half-baths, outdoor fireplace, a built-in wine cooler, and an automotive-themed entertainment space with a wall full of TVs. There are additional car parking spaces in other parts of the house.

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The Chevrolet pickup bar
The Chevrolet pickup bar

If you really are a sucker for automotive paraphernalia, this property is your car haven. Pictures on the property listing website show that the house features plethora of old and rusty licence plates hanging on walls everywhere. Classic automotive industry memorabilia has been framed across ceilings and walls.

And if that is not enough, rusty old gas pumps sit outside on the garden floors and one of these has also been turned into a cooler in the entertainment area. An old Chevrolet pickup truck has been converted into sort of a bar, and it sits in the corner of a room with two bar chairs for visitors.

Apparently a rusty Ford car sits in the garden and has been converted into a plant pot. Leaves are branching out of the opened bonnet of the vehicle.

The facility was built in 2014 and is currently open for virtual tours on the property booking site.

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