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1632615664 Would You Hate The Idea Of A Porsche 911 EV
1632615664 Would You Hate The Idea Of A Porsche 911 EV
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This is an independent design study by Sandor Boldog for an future electric 911 that is neither related to nor endorsed by Porsche.

Porsche has stated that its iconic 911 sports car will be the last model to adopt all-electric technology, and it is investing in green synthetic fuels and hybrid variants that might allow its ICE cars to live on.

But it seems almost inevitable that the 911 will get an EV variant at some point, particularly in the wake of last week’s unveil of the Mission R, a electric motorsports concept that hints at a future battery-powered Cayman.

For some 911 diehards, that’s tough news to take. But would it be an easier pill to swallow if you knew the 911 EV was going to look like this creation from designer Sandor Boldog?

A recent Transportation Design graduate of the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, Boldog has imagined a future 911 that retains the classic proportions of Porsche’s most famous product ever to maintain a sense of continuity, despite swapping its iconic flat-six for EV power.

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But Boldog also believes it’s important for Porsche to differentiate it from any ICE version of the 911 that might continue in parallel. And the designer thinks it could do that by adopting a much bolder and futuristic look.

Though it was designed before the world had seen the Mission R 2+2 concept, there’s a whiff of similarity around the nose of both cars, each seemingly drawing a little inspiration from the late, great 918 Spyder.

A wide rear track makes it clear that the twin electric motors are both mounted in the back of the car, and that muscular look is amplified by way the door skins fall inwards to give the car a tight waist and create a pair of giant triangular air intakes, presumably to keep the battery cool. Boldog says that through-body cooling and aero is a key part of the car’s design, which, in a way, is a nice reference to the 911’s air-cooled origins.

But our favorite angle has to be the rear-three-quarter, which blends classic rear-engined Porsche cues like the 356-style grille above the ‘911’ badge with a new take on Porsche’s current full-width light bar, then throws in a huge air exit channel, just to really challenge everything you thought you knew and loved about 911 design.

I’ve always liked 911s, but sometimes found myself a little frustrated at the glacial evolution of the model’s styling. That’s not a charge you could level at this 911-E. Is it a step too far or should Porsche’s design department snap Boldog up before another OEM gets their hands on him?

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